Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Make A Fishing Video With You And Your Kids

Hey there everyone. This is the kind of thing that makes memories last for a life time. is a great new site that I found that you can take all your fishing pictures and videos and mix them with music to build a great music video. Just imagine the great walleye trip you had with your ten year old son. You took a whack full of pictures. Well just the pictures alone get boring after a while. However once you mix them with music using well then you have something that your kids want to watch over and over again.

Think about Christmas morning when you open your present and your kids have put together a music video of you and them at your last camping trip. This would be a gift like no other. These are memories that cant be replaced.

So why dont you take your pictures to the next level and get signed up with fliptrack. This is an interactive fishing blog but when I find something new that I think is great then I am going to use it in the blog. My intentions are always about fishing but I know if I got a video with me and my twenty year old it would bring tears to my eyes so dont wait go to and have a look.

Thanks Dale

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Lonnie Ellerbee said...

Hello Dale,

Found you on MyLot and had to come by a check out your blog. Looks like you are on to somethig here. Don't have a lot of time today but will come back and visit. I live in Louisiana, USA and love fishing also.

Have a great day