Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fishing Tid Bits How To Fish Part 5

Well I am back with my fifth article and it is exciting to see how many people are interested in the fun of fishing. These articles are meant for everyone. Some of the more experienced anglers probably know a lot about what I am talking about already but I think back to when I knew nothing about fishing. I wish there would have been something like that. Eventually this will be an eBook so take advantage of it while you can. I have decided to change it up a bit and submit random tips. I hope you enjoy

1. Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Fishing
Most heavy rains will cause rivers and streams to rise and get muddy. Fishing just usually isn’t very good when the water is turned to mud. However there is no reason to worry or let the rain wreck your fishing trip. Move to the tail waters of a reservoir or lake. By the time the dirty water gets there it is usually settled out. Eventually it may get dirty here but at least you were able to salvage your day and there’s a good chance fish will be caught there.

2. See Your Line When Ice Fishing
The clear line that you use while ice fishing for pan fish can at times be almost invisible to see. Here’s a tip that an old fisherman taught me. I spool fluorescent yellow 4 pound test on my ice fishing rig. At the end I tie on a 4 foot clear leader. So now when my line is on the ice it is easy to see and in the water the fish still only see the hook and bait.

3. Built Up Ice On Your Auger
Most guys after drilling a hole in the ice just lay the auger down in the snow. The combination of water and snow form ice on the end of the auger rendering it useless for the next hole. I carry a small BAL peen hammer with me in my truck. When I ice up my blades I use the hammer to get the ice off. You usually just have to tap lightly and it will fall off. However make sure you’re careful not to hit the edge of the blade because then you will be in a worse situation then you were with the ice.

4. Bass Fishing In Slop
If you have a high speed reel this will give you a distinct advantage when fishing in slop. Firstly when your hook fills up with weeds you can get it back quickly to clean it off. Secondly if you keep your rod tip high you can get a better set with a high speed reel. And thirdly with the high-speed reel you can lift the fish a lot quicker and hopefully stop it from diving into the slop.

5. Fresh Pork Rinds
We all know how fast a pork rind can dry up especially in the hot sun. Well if you don’t want to put the rind back in the jar because you’re going to use it later just wrap the rind in a wet cloth. When you come back to use it later it will be as fresh as brand new.

This will be the end of my fifth edition of my series on fishing. Keep reading my articles as they will get more informative and detailed as time goes on.

Dale Mazurek
Dale is an expert self taught fisherman of more than 35 years. He would like to share his expertise and stories with the world. You can check out his fishing blog at http://fishingtutor.blogspot.com. Dale is also a self taught author who is currently in the process of getting his first novel published. You can check his writings and lessons at http://stcajo-readshortstories.blogspot.com/ You can also have a look at his online business. http://stcajo.netsalaries.com

I am writing this for everyone young, old, big or small. The teachings in this series will range from novice to advanced. But I would just like everyone to remember that a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work

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