Friday, March 30, 2007

Fishing Tid Bits How To Fish Part 6

This is going to be the sixth article and it’s great to see how many people are interested in the fun of fishing. These articles are meant to have tips that everyone can use. Most of the seasoned anglers might even find a helpful tip or two in these articles. Eventually I will turn this into an eBook so go ahead and take advantage of it now. Make sure you tell your friends and families about the fishing tips articles because all I ask in return is that you go out and enjoy the fine fun of fishing.

1. Opening Pork Rinds Can Suck

Everyone that has used pork rind knows how hard the jars can be to open after the brine corrodes into the threads making it almost impossible to open. Here is a little trick that will help. Petroleum jelly spread on the threads occasionally will prevent the threads from corroding and make the lid easier to come off.

2. Early Season Walleye

Shallow rocks absorb sunlight in less then ten feet of water so that’s where you want to find the walleye after the ice comes off the lakes. While the rest of the lake is still cold walleye like the warmer water. The warmer water also has bugs swimming; this attracts bait fish which in turn attract the walleye. These same rocks can hide walleye from the sunlight in the mid summer as well.

3. Easy To Find Worms

In your garden turn over a patch of dirt 5 feet by five feet. Once you have done this put straw over the turned dirt. Keep the straw nice and moist. This is a worm bed. When you need worms just lift the straw and you will have more then you know what to do with.

4. Skirts On Hooks

The rubber skirts on your spinner baits and jigs dry out when laying in your tackle box and not being used. Go to your local retail store and buy some armor all. Spray a generous amount on and let sit for a minute then wipe off the excess. This will keep your hooks nice and new.

5. Elastic Bands And Hooks

You need to know what’s in your tackle box so for your worm hooks all you have to do is separate them into different sizes. Once you have done that you can wrap them in elastic bands. When it comes time to needing them you can just slide one out from the elastic.

This is the end of my sixth edition on my series on fishing tips. I hope so far everyone is finding useful tips that they can use or save for a later day.

Dale Mazurek

Just remember a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.

Dale is an expert self taught fisherman of more then 35 years. He would like to share his stories and tips with the world. You can check out his fishing blog at http://fishing tutor.blogspot.com/ Dale is also an avid writer who is in the process of getting his first novel published. Check out his other blogs. http://stcajo-readshortstories.blogspot.com/ and http://relationshiptidbits.blogspot.com/

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