Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Fishing Tid Bits How To Fish Part 10

This is going to be the 10th and final article of the tid bit series. I have had great response so I will be submitting a lot more fishing articles. However they will not be in a series format but rather single articles. Thank you for everyone’s great support and encouragement. Once again all I ask is that you go and enjoy the fine fun of fishing.

1. Tough Perch Bait

Sometimes when the fishing is hot you can spend more time baiting your hook then actually fishing when its perch you are after. Perch, when on a bite will steal bait from you all day long so here’s a tip that works for me. Cut a one inch long strip off the belly of a perch you caught. Split it at the half way point in two to simulate a tail. I guarantee this will be harder to steal than something like traditional maggots.

2. Soft Mouth Crappies

Anyone that has got into a day when the crappies are biting knows that it can be frustrating losing fish because of the thin membrane on a crappies mouth that quite often tears when a hook is set into it. Here’s a little trick. Take the hook that your using and bend it about ten degrees past its original bend. Chances are now that it will stick into the roof of the mouth instead of the membrane.

3. Bass Rhythm

Success or failure will be determined on what kind of rhythm you build when fishing the top of the water for bass. Where you want to build your rhythm is on hook retrieval.

4. Fishing Springs

If you know there is springs in the lake your fishing then it would be best to find out where they are. In the summer time the areas near the springs will be cooler and warmer in the winter. Not knowing thee are springs will cost you fish. It wouldn’t hurt to investigate a new lake before you go to fish it.

5. Bass Shade

Bass love shade. They love it so much that they will use each other for shade. I have made it a point to cast into any spot that has shade no matter how big or small. For this reason alone I know I catch more fish because of that reason.

This is the end of my tenth edition on the fishing tips series. It is also the end of the series. I have had great feed back so I will still be publishing fishing articles, they just won’t be in a series format but rather a random format. Thanks to all my reader for all the great comments and support. Remember to direct all your friends and family to my articles.

Always remember a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.

Dale Mazurek

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