Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fishing Tid Bits How To Fish Part 9

This is going to be my ninth article on fishing tid bits. So far I am getting a great response to these articles. They are meant to have tips that everyone can use. Most of the seasoned anglers might even find a helpful tip or two in these articles. Eventually I plan to hone this and turn it into an eBook so go ahead and take advantage of it now. Make sure you tell your friends and family about the fishing tips articles because all I ask in return is that you go out and enjoy the fine fun of fishing.

1. Water Color

In most cases the color of water can determine what color of hook you’re going to use. While this is not the absolute rule you will find it very helpful when trying to find something the fish are biting. If the water is murky then you are going to want to use something fluorescent. If the water is clear then you may want to use something more natural looking.

2. Docks And Piers

All docks for the most part look alike but what we have to recognize is the important differences. A dock with plants around it and deep water very close is going to be a great place to fish. Lots of anglers who own their own docks usually artificially attract fish by using tree tops and planting new plants in the water around their docks.

3. Mud Fishing

Just because the water is dirty shouldn’t be a reason for you not to fish. The fishing may be tougher but they haven’t gone anywhere, it’s just harder for them to find food…in muddy water conditions your going to want to fish shallow, use noisy hooks and make several casts in the same area.

4. Water Levels

Rapid rises or falls in water does have a drastic impact on fishing. Rivers rise or fall a lot quicker than lakes or reservoirs usually. These differences in water levels are usually because of a sudden change in weather such as spring thaws and quick rainstorms. The most important part about fishing at these times is for you to try and plan your fishing trip accordingly.

5. Bluegill Fishing

Fishing for bluegills can make for a very fun day. It’s best to fish bluegills on warm, sunny days. You want little wind and to be honest in these conditions it’s not uncommon for the fish to bite all day. All you have to do is use a simple rig with a bobber with a small jig tipped with crickets below it. My favorite color is yellow.

This is the end of my ninth edition on my fishing tips series. I hope so far everyone is finding useful tips that they can use or save for a later day.

Dale Mazurek

Just remember a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work.

Dale is an expert self taught fisherman of more than 35 years. He would like to share his stories and tips with you. You can go to his blog to check them out. http://fishingtutor.blogspot.com/ two of his other popular blogs can be found at http://relationshiptidbits.blogspot.com/ and http://funtidbits.blogspot.com/

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