Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Large Mouth, Where Can You Catch Them?

I consider fishing my number one expertise. In these articles I plan to share my knowledge with you and everyone out there. Some may choose to use it and some may not. Either way I hope you enjoy them and tell others about them.

For almost all their lives the large mouth will hang out in water from 5 to 15 feet deep. On occasion they will go deeper to find food or to get out of the sun. Almost always when bass are in the shallows you will find them by some sort of cover. Largemouth are very abundant in natural and man made lakes.

Natural Lakes

-Because shallow bays tend to warm faster in the spring time that is where the bass will move to. They move in there for feeding and eventually spawning.

-In the summertime the edge of weed lines is a great place to find the large mouth hiding out from the hot sunny day.

-Bays that we refer to as slop bays in the summertime will hold plenty of fish under neath the weeds. These areas are great for fisherman and great for the large mouth to find food.

-Humps in the lakes with weeds on the bottom are great places for summertime bass. The weeds and rocks offer shade that the fish can move into.

-Points and inside turns along break lines hold bass in the summer through winter. Gradually sloping structure is best in the summertime while sharp slopes are great in late fall and winter.

-The shallow flats in the late fall attract a lot of bass because they stay the warmest while the water in the lakes are starting to cool off.

Man-Made Lakes

-Old river channels tend to concentrate bass in the summer and winter. The fish move up to feed and then rest in the close by deeper water.

-Bends in river channels will hold more bass in summer than straight parts. Because the water stays warmer in the river channel it will hold large numbers of bass in the winter.

-Back ends of shallow creeks, especially with no flow have the warmest water in the springtime. Thus they draw bass in to feed and spawn.

-Submerged road beds, railroad grades, old buildings are all man made features that are important to bass and important that the fishermen know where they are.

-In the summertime you want to look for humps that are covered in weeds or fallen timbers. This is especially important if they are located near the main river channel.

-Along a creek channel or river channel with timbered flats are great areas for fishing from spring to fall. The one important factor to look at here is whether or not the fish have east access to deeper water.

In this bustling crazy world of technology we don’t always have lots to look forward to except the same old thing day in and day out. Fishing is the one great way that I use to escape all realities out there.

I just want everyone to remember that a bad day fishing is always better than a good day at work.

Dale Mazurek

Dale is a self taught professional amateur fisherman with many small tournament wins under his belt. You can check out his ever growing fishing blog at http://fishingtutor.blogspot.com/ or 2 more of his very popular blogs at http://relationshiptidbits.blogspot.com/ and http://stcajo-readshortstories.blogspot.com/

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