Monday, May 14, 2007

All Fishermen Need A Tackle Box

With the cost of lures and other fishing equipment these days it is imperative to have a good tackle box to store that equipment. In this article I will attempt to tell you why a good tackle box is so important.

Over years and years of buying more and more tackle and equipment without a good tackle box and good organization your planned day of fishing can really turn into a confusion night mare. You will have a tangled mess of barbed hooks, leaders and very other assorted thing in your tackle box. For this reason alone it’s very important to spend a few dollars and buy a good tackle box.
So now it’s time to decide what kind of tackle box that you need. On the shelves of your local fishing store you will probably see hundreds of different tackle boxes to choose from. I absolutely don’t pay attention to the colors when I am trying to buy a tackle box. I only look for two things. I look for a tackle box that will be the right size and one with lots of compartments for different things such as over sized lures down to the smallest perch fishing tear drops. So when you find the one that you think is big enough buy the one that’s twice as big.
We all know what a tackle box is for. It is to hold your lures, extra line, pliers and all the other tools that are needed for fishing but so many fishermen don’t think of the other things that they should keep in their tackle boxes.
Bandages kept in a water-resistant container
Matches sealed in a water-resistant container
Suntan lotion
Flashlight and spare batteries
A spare key in a small case attached to a large colourful bobber.
So many people spend hundreds and thousands of dollars but then they neglect to spend the money to protect their investment. I can guarantee you will not regret buying a tackle box that suits your every need. One more suggestion I would like to make is that if you spend a lot of time fishing for different fish species you might want to buy some smaller cases in which you can just carry the needed tackle instead of taking your entire tackle box. For example if your only species today will be perch then why do you have to take along all your trout, bass and pike tackle.

Dale Mazurek
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