Thursday, March 27, 2008

Live TV.

This is the greatest revolution that has hit us with such vigour and grace combined that will bring great exposure to both amateur and professional producers alike. Are you a budding singer or comedian? Or do you just want to expose the truth as you see it? You now can with live tv which can bring you your own fame and fan base live and within minutes.
You can record your live show from even the comfort of your own home and you don't need fancy equipment or to spend a fortune either. The site is so user friendly and full of life that even a recording novice can get the hang of it fast and without too much hassle. Whether you just want to record your songs for people to view or you prefer interactive live chat, the choice is yours.
For those that like just to view sites you can participate at whatever level you feel comfortable with, whether you just want to rate and comment on a show or you want to join in and chat. This great platform which is in its Beta phase has a multi tier facility for your live broadcast
which is both unique and and in the forefront of interactive tv. This is not something to be missed. Get yourself seen and heard today.

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GFG said...

Really nice site! ... I'd love to land some walleyes!