Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Days Off Means Fishing

Well tommorrow is day 24 for me at work. I work out of town and dont get to do any fishing while I am away at work. However, starting tommorrow I will be going on 4 days off so that means I squeeze as much fishing in as possible.

I have about 4 differant places that I want to hit in my 4 days off and I only really have one target. That target is walleye. I will be taking my 16 year old with me and we are going river fishing for walley.

24 days ago the rivers were high and dirty but we havent got much rain so the rivers will be low and clear. This is going to open the door to some great walleye fishing. I cant wait.

I will post an update here after all my trips and hopefully the posts are full of great tales of catching all these river walleye.

Wish me luck

Thanks Dale

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